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Lewis Electrical are the able to advise on the most suitable,
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If critical applications must be available at all times without downtime, then a standby generator with automatic mains failure (AMF) detection and changeover facilities is the only practical source of long-term power during an extended mains outage. By having a backup generator system in place this provides businesses with a contingency plan should a power failure occur, preventing financial loss.

Lewis Electrical can supply a complete turnkey standby generator package including an Uninterruptable Power Supply System, guaranteeing fully matched systems to ensure a true ‘no-break’ supply in the event of a power failure.

Often a hire solution is not viable, and the answer may be to purchase equipment. But how do you know you have selected the correct equipment? Have you evaluated fuel usage, effects of harmonics and noise levels or even the options available from the various suppliers in the marketplace.

Lewis Electrical will evaluate and recommend the best options available regardless of your environment, leaving you secure in the knowledge that what you do eventually choose to install will be the right equipment at the right price. In all eventualities it is often just as important to have your Air Conditioning Systems Generator supported as well as your servers – this is standard advice for all our Data Centre clients and may be important for your business.

The sighting of your generator is critical in relation to installation cost and potential landlord/local planning issues, especially if there is a requirement to site the generator on a roof, or in a remote location. It is also often necessary to involve the Regional Electrical Supply Company when the intention is to support a whole building from the mains intake position.

We will help with your:

Generator planning

REC issues



Positioning and

Potential landlord issues

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